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What does the Town of Elliston have to offer you?

         At Elliston, you will find one of Newfoundland's most beautiful sandy beaches. You can take a dip in the cool seawater or enjoy the sun as you lie on the warm sand. About 150 feet from the beach is Elliston Park where you can spend some time picnicking and camping. Bring your trailer and spend some time viewing the breath taking land forms which are common to the area.

         Look out to sea and you may be fortunate enough to catch sight of a surfacing whale or visit the puffin colony. As well, during the months of June and July, many icebergs can be seen floating quite close to the seashore. A short distance from Elliston is the town of Maberly, which contains beautiful scenic land forms and coast line.

         Visit and explore the many "root cellars" (approx. 135). At the present time, many cellars remain in use to store vegetables and keep them fresh.

The town of Elliston also boasts many hiking/walking trails:

         Binoculars are a great asset while visiting Elliston to ensure a close up view the many seabirds, icebergs, and whales that frequent the area. Visit the Puffin Colony to view these little "sea parrots" that our annual festival borrows its name from.

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