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Puffin Colony

Puffin Colony

         Elliston offers one of the closest land views of Atlantic Puffins in the world. Walk out to the entrance to the puffin colony, a section of land that can be best described and almost an island accessed via a narrow stretch of land. Once there continue to the edge and just a few meters or yards away you will spot these colourful birds first hand. Be sure to bring a camera because they can often be photographed in flight!

         The Atlantic puffin is known by several names such as the "sea parrot" or Fratercula arctica. The latter term originated from Latin with fratercula meaning "little brother" and arctica meaning "north." This scientific name can be translated as "little brother of the north." The puffin is also known as the "sea parrot" due in part to its interesting colouring.

Another view of the Puffin Colony

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