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         The Katimavik program is designed for young people between the ages of 17 and 21. It is a national youth work program which allows participants to become involved in community projects in the areas of construction, literacy, senior care and communications. In Elliston the program runs from January 10 to August 8, 2001. While here, the participants will assist Tourism Elliston Inc., and other groups with a variety of tasks. If you would like to learn more visit their national web site at http://www.katimavik.org.

         As part of their experience they will billet or live with local families for a total of 12 days per rotation. If you live in the Elliston, Bonavista or Spillars Cove area and are interested in hosting a participant in your home for a paid 12 day period (February 23 - March 6) contact RaphaŽl Soucy at 468-1414.

         In total there will be three rotations:

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Katimavik Partners

Katimavik Project Coordinator
Rachel Robichaud

Katimavik Project Leader
RaphaŽl Soucy

Katimavik Community Partner
Tourism Elliston

Elliston Katimavik Committee Co-Chairs
Myrtle Stagg & Neal Tucker

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