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Rachel RobichaudRachel Robichaud

Project Coordinator for Newfoundland & Labrador



RaphaŽl SoucyRaphaŽl Soucy

Elliston Project Leader


Katimavik Participants

Rory ElliottRory Elliott
Home Town: Antigonish, N.S.

First Impressions: When I first got to Elliston I though it was a small and very cold little town. But when I started to meet the people of Elliston I thought that maybe it's good to live in a small town because everyone is so nice and friendly and sooner or later they all know your name and where you're from. Thanks for being so friendly and making us feel welcome.

Karena O'BrienKarena O'Brien
Home Town: Cornwall, PEI

First Impressions: When I first arrived to Elliston I was looking forward to seeing the ĎRoot Cellar Capital of the World' as my mom had told me, and I certainly did. Elliston is full of different sights that I am not used to, being from PEI of course, there we have no mountains, and you can't always see the ocean from everywhere you go. Here in Elliston the mountains are gorgeous the blue aqua water is so beautiful with big waves crashing to the shore, it was absolutely amazing to me. To see the root cellars was very interesting as well, I had never saw one before or even knew what one was. It is extremely interesting to see that vegetables can stay perfectly fine over a year locked away in a secure hole in the ground. I have yet to see inside one but I am definitely looking forward to it.

Marie-Christine GouinMarie-Christine Gouin
Home Town: Sherbrooke, Quebec

First Impressions: My first impression when I arrived here was that it is a small, calm and peaceful place with welcoming and interesting people. I'm from a big city where everybody's doing his own thing. I like to see how people help each other. They're really friendly with each other. I had no expectations about Elliston before coming here and I've discovered a beautiful place just by the sea. It's really beautiful even if it's windy and cold.

Annie BellemareAnnie Bellemare
Home Town: Gentilly, Quebec

First Impressions: When I arrived here, I was a little bit nervous because I speak French and I thought that nobody would be able to understand what I'm saying. Elliston is so nice, and so different than Quebec City! It's little but everybody is close, sociable and I know that if I need help someday, I will get some. The scenery is fabulous and I will never forget it. I've never seen root cellars before and I think it's important to preserve them because it's part of Newfoundland's history. I have a lot to learn here that is why I enjoy being here.

Yannick MoraisYannick Morais
Home Town: Repentigny, Quebec

First Impressions: I think that Elliston is a beautiful place. I think that it is calm and quiet and I like it.


Jean-Francois McNicollJean-Francois McNicoll
Home Town: Rimouski, Quebec.

First Impressions: n/a


Jeff ChikJeff Chik
Home Town: Toronto, Ontario

First Impressions: My first impression of Elliston was Ďwow what a small town'. I'm not used to this, but I was also amazed at how nice the people are and how nice the scenery is. I step out of my front door and I see the ocean! It's a very beautiful town; it's just so far away from a large city.

Laura TiffenLaura Tiffen
Home Town: London, Ontario

First Impressions: My first impression of Elliston was that this quaint community had a lot of warmth, compassion and genuine sincerity. I was amazed at the kindness of the volunteers and the constant smiles and waves from the other locals. The scenery was defiantly awe-inspiring compared to the seemingly endless cornfields surrounding my hometown. The cliffs and water are so picturesque. I wasn't even sure that I was standing looking at the rocks. I now feel that the people of Elliston are just as beautiful as the majestic rocks around which they make their homes. I'm certainly glad to be here.
Community Participation: Web site team, community drama program, promotion / advertising.

Andrew FraserAndrew Fraser
Home Town: High River, Alberta

First Impressions: I am originally from Calgary. High River is a smaller place that this, so I know how people are in small towns (villages). So this is like a small piece of home. My first impression of Elliston was Ďgood people'. Everyone was really nice and polite to all of us. I also noticed the culture difference between Alberta and Newfoundland. I hope to have lots of fun here and meet lots of more people.

April GallantApril Gallant
Home Town: Houston, B.C.

First Impressions: Elliston reminds me of being over at Queen Charlotte Island, I love looking at the ocean every morning when I wake up. It is such a beautiful place I'm glad that I chose to come here. It's nice to see people smiling and wave when they pass by.

Jason HopWoJason HopWo
Home Town: Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, B.C.

First Impressions: Small town friendliness, beautiful scenery. I think it's nice, really nice. But where are all the Chinese people?

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