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On The Road Again
Information - The "On The Road Again" team visited our town November 9th 2000 to film a segment . This episode first aired on Wednesday, January 31, 2001 at 7:30 P.M. on CBC.

Yahoo Pick of the Week "Elliston"
Information - Here is part of what they had to say about us "Take the good folks of Elliston, Newfoundland. They're a small town of about 400 people just a short drive from Bonavista.... We applaud their attempts to attract attention, and wish more people would do the same."

Elliston Root Search
Information - Root Search, helping your surf the web with an Elliston related starting point!

1921 Elliston Census
Information - 1921 Census "Elliston" {.. Households; ... Individuals}.

1921 Maberly Census
Information - 1921 Census "Maberly" {22 Households; 83 Individuals}.

U.S. Air Defense in the Northeast (1940-1957)
Information - A paper that seeks to bring together as succinctly as possible all of the information currently available in the Headquarters CONAD historical archives on the subject of United States air defense in the Northeast. Includes details on the Elliston Ridge Base (1957-1960).

James Ryan Shop (Elliston)
Information - The James Ryan Shop in Elliston is an important and well-preserved example of the mercantile architecture once common through Newfoundland in the 19th century.

Union Electric Light and Power Company, Limited (1916-1966)
Information - History of Newfoundland Light & Power.

St. Mary's Anglican Church (Elliston)
Information - St. Mary's was the second Anglican church to be built in Elliston.

Tilley House (Elliston)
Information - Allan Ryder of Bonavista designed and built the three-storeyed, pine and hemlock Tilley House between 1858 and 1860.

Places to Visit
Information - A list of interesting places to visit including Elliston.

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador News Release
Information - A News Release concerning the efforts of Tourism Elliston.

Jiggs Dinner at Elliston
Information - Details the Jiggs dinner at Elliston's Bird Island Puffin Festival.

The Thomas Coles Collection
Information - A series of references, particularly in regard to the Elliston area on the Bonavista Peninsula.

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