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Media Coverage 2001

First Impressions

Rory Elliott Karena O'Brien Marie-Christine Gouin Yannick Morais Laura Tiffen
Jason HopWo Annie Bellemare Jeff Chik Andrew Fraser April Gallant
Last month the community of Elliston welcomed a group of young people, participants in the Katamavik program, who will live and work with them for the next few weeks. When they arrived in this small, north east coast Newfoundland town in the middle of winter, the young people shared their first impressions of Elliston. To view their comments see the "Katamavik" section of this site.

Source The Packet, Clarenville, Nfld., February 19, 2001

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The history in pictures

Elliston 1908
  (Photo Source: Gordon Bradley) Cart filled with Caplin
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) North Side School
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
Fish Drying
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) Snow Clearing
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
Goodland House
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) Canon Bailey
  (Photo Source: Lily Pearce / Jennie Baker)
Seal Hunting
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) The Oldfords
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
For more details on these pictures see the "Picture Archive" section of the Photo Gallery.

Source The Packet, Clarenville, Nfld., February 5, 2001

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Weather Event of the Millennium

"Deeply embedded within the story of the SS Newfoundland [Death on the Ice] in the spring of 1914, and especially the story of Mary, Reuben and Albert John Crewe, are 101 symbols of Newfoundland life.... Perhaps we should... erect a fitting remembrance to this family and to families like them.... I know the perfect location in an outport community in Trinity Bay."

Source Bruce Whiffen, Downhomer Magazine, Nfld., January, 2001

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Hoping for more snow
Children, community groups welcome winter weather

"In Elliston, they're looking forward to their first ever winter carnival.... Tourism Elliston is sponsoring the event... the committee has many fun activities planned."

Source Anne Barker, The Packet, Clarenville, Nfld., January 8, 2001

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Team arrives next week to live and work in Elliston

Calvin Hayley & RaphaŽl Soucy
Katimavik Project Leader RaphaŽl Soucy is in Elliston laying the groundwork for a group of young people who will arrive in the community next week. Mr. Soucy is shown with Tourism Elliston member Calvin Hayley.

Source Anne Barker, The Packet, Clarenville, Nfld., January 2, 2001

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