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Update by Calvin Hayley, P.R. Chair Vol. III, No. 6 January 24, 2001

Dear Friends:

         ‘On the Road Again' with Wayne Rostad show cases our community of Elliston on Wednesday, January 31st at 7:30 pm and on Sunday, February 4th at 1:30pm. The CBC television program will profile Elliston's root cellars and famous jiggs dinner. Producer Janet P. Smith promises an entertaining episode. Webmaster Neal Tucker has already updated this information on our website

         Tourism Elliston has received numerous calls from all over the province and the mainland concerning the exact timing of the telecast. Inform your friends and relatives, remembering that those times are Newfoundland times. Cable and newspaper ads will be featured in the next few days.

         Raphael Soucy, heads up a group of 12 Katimavik personnel here now in our community to assist Tourism Elliston and the Community of Elliston in a number of initiatives. Tourism Elliston members recently met all the group and conducted a very successful one on one interview with each of the participants to evaluate the strengths and assets of each member. This will play a key role in the program that Tourism Elliston will implement to achieve its goals for the next 10 weeks. They are a very impressive group indeed to work with our newly hired co-ordinator, Colleen Duffett. Colleen, with the assistance and cooperation of Tourism Elliston, the Recreation Committee and the Town of Elliston will start immediately to make Elliston's first Winter Carnival a reality and a success.

         Over the past few months I've updated each and every resident on the Katimavik program. In addition our webmaster, Neal Tucker, has included a Katimavik page on our website, if you would like further information. In the next few days Neal will be updating this page to feature pictures of the group here in Elliston and also individual profiles of the participants. Tourism Elliston has already linked our site with the National Katimavik site.

         This Saturday, January 27, at 8:00 pm the Community of Elliston will be having an official welcome party for the Katimavik group. Sandwiches and delicious desserts will be served. All residents of the community are invited and urged to come out and meet our participants.. If anyone would like to bring along some extra sandwiches or a dessert it would certainly be appreciated. Come out for a mix and meet evening.

         Katimavik participants here in Elliston will be working with Tourism Elliston on a Community seniors program. Any senior in our community who might like to have pathways and/or bridges shoveled, help with firewood, or light housework can give Colleen a call at our new office at the Recreation Center. (468-7090) A special thanks to the Recreation Committee for making this space available to us.

         Colleen and the Katimavik participants in the next week will also be working on a kids program which will be implemented very soon. This program will consist of some sports activities and games. The program will take place right after school hours and details will be announced at a later date.

         During the past couple of weeks Tourism Elliston has finalized most of our plans for our first winter Carnival. The entire month of February will be declared Frosty the Snowman month. Special letters will be sent out to all residents and families encouraging them to get on board and build a snowman. Neal Tucker assisted by Katimavik personnel will take digital photographs of the snowmen and any other surrounding snow sculpture or design that a family might like to do. Some of the photos will be featured on our website and prizes will be awarded. Further details will be announced. ‘Discover Frosty' should be a main attraction in our Community throughout the whole month of February and should attract lots of visitors. Be creative, get the kids involved and lets have fun!

         Winter Carnival Festival week will run from February 17 - 24. A special breakfast will be prepared by the Katimavik participants on Saturday morning to kick off the Carnival. This will be followed by snowshoe races and kids activities. The group Illusiion will be on hand in the evening to provide music for the Carnival dance. Colleen will be printing a Community Winter Carnival Activity guide outlining all of the activities for that week. Included among those activities will be a church service, ski-doo run, skating party, sleigh rides, bowling competition, a special basketball game, Bingo game (˝ the take tickets available from any Recreation member, Tourism Elliston member or at Hayleys Foodex), ice fishing contest (catch and release) and other activities to be announced.

         Tourism Elliston members met with Ray Troke, our heritage planner, on Monday, January 22. We are happy to report that work on the interpretative panels and signs are progressing well. Ray should have all final drafts to us in the next couple of weeks to evaluate. Our group has set the week of the Bird Island Puffin Festival has a tentative date to unveil some or all of the interpretative panels.

         Any questions or comments give me a call at 468-7117. Looking forward to an exciting Carnival!

Calvin Hayley
Public Relations Chair, Tourism Elliston, Inc.

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