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Picture Archive #1

         Welcome to the Elliston archives. Here you will find a variety of older photographs from around the Elliston / Maberly area. Click to enlarge and use your back button to return to the archives.

Tucker's Taxi
  (Photo Source: Beryl Tucker) Elliston 1908
  (Photo Source: Gordon Bradley)
Peter Tucker standing in front of his Taxi
on North Side. Note the fishing nets
draped along the fence on the right.
(Late 1950s)
A picture of Elliston South in 1908. Note
the Methodist Church (now United) on
the left that was built in 1901-1902.
Last Coastal Freighter
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) Oil Tanker
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
Last of Newfoundland's coastal fleet. The
'Marian May' was captained by Fred
Rogers of Elliston. (Early 1960s)
An oil tanker at Norder Cove that supplied
the American Ridge Base with fuel in
1960. The tankers only came twice a year.
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) Entrance to Coles Gulch
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
Oldford's fishing stages at Coles Gulch
(North Side). Note the islands in the
background. (1960s)
The sea entrance to Coles Gulch. (1960s)
Cart filled with Caplin
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) Oldfords
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
A cart load of caplin below the flakes of
Coles Gulch. (1960s)
Hubert Oldford and his sons. (1960s)
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) Fish Drying
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
A slipway in Coles Gulch. (1960s)
100 quintals of fish drying on bough flakes
Coles Gulch. Note North Bird Island in
the background. (1960s)
The Oldfords
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) Hubert Oldford
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
The Oldfords at work cleaning fish. (1960s)
Hubert Oldford netting twine. (1960s)
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) Road Repair
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
A Funeral. Note the horse drawn wagon.
Road repair on North Side. (1960s)
Carrying Berry Sacks
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan) Goodland House
  (Photo Source: Samuel Ryan)
Sam Martin and Howard Chaulk carrying
berry sacks. (1960s)
Goodland house being transported
from the Neck to Elliston. (1960s)

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