Welcome to the Elliston Root Cellar Website

         This was primary website for Elliston, NL (Root Cellar Capital of the World) from 2000 to the spring of 2013. In the beginning Rootcellars.com was selected to promote Elliston, and, at the time, its most distinctive feature—the root cellar. Not to down play the importance of root cellars but there is much more to our community today as opposed to 2000.

         On March 31, 2013 the old root cellar website was completely transformed and reincarnated as www.townofelliston.ca (its official successor). This was done because the old domain name focused on just one aspect of our town, the root cellar. We felt a community site’s address should really reflect its entirety hence the new Townofelliston.ca address. Actually several addresses were considered including .com, .org and etc. for the new town site. Ultimately, we settled on the .ca address as the best choice.

         Everything about Elliston is still available at the new Elliston Community Website as well as information about our famous root cellars.

Come visit us @ www.townofelliston.ca

From all of us welcome to
The Town of Elliston

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